Adult Sunday School at FCPC

All adult classes welcome both men and women of any age and life situation. You may choose to participate in a particular class for a few weeks while a specific study is being offered, or elect to call one class your home.

Weekly Classes

Cambodian - This class was founded in order to help our Cambodian members learn English through the study of God's word. It is still composed primarily of Cambodian members. The class meets in Room 204. 

Friendly - This class is composed of friendly couples and singles that enjoy singing hymns and studying God's Holy Word.  The lessons are primarily lectures by excellent teachers who use curriculum from the Uniform Lesson Series, The Present Word.  We welcome visitors and new members to join us in our weekly study. This class meets in the Minter Room. 

Genesis - An adult class that uses the Bible as our primary resource but discusses the historical, social, and cultural aspects as well.  We think about what Jesus is saying to the eyewitnesses of His ministry, to the first readers of the Gospel, and to us today.  Genesis class meets in Room 214.

Good Ground - The Good Ground class uses study books to examine Scripture from various viewpoints and to discuss its meaning and applications to our daily lives.  We begin each class with a time for sharing concerns and for prayer.  There is much room for friends and visitors to gather and learn together.  This class meets in room 203.

 King David - Ours is a warm loving group of people who meet to study and share our thoughts, insights, and understanding of scripture and its lessons for our lives.  Fellowship is a major part of our meetings as we enjoy and empathize with the joys and concerns of our classmates on their walks toward a richer life with Christ.  This class is a discussion class and meets in Room 207.

Singles Ministry - The Singles Ministry enjoys serving and socializing together throughout the year as we study God's Word.  All are welcome.  Singles meet in Room 209 on Sundays.

The Disciples Class - In the Disciples class we work together to interpret and understand the scriptures by encouraging conversations with each other.  All participants are invited to share their knowledge and life experiences to help us reach a deeper understanding of God's Word.  In addition to Sunday morning class, social gatherings outside of church help us to provide a stronger support group.  We welcome anyone who would like to come and experience the new and fresh approach to learning the Disciple Class way.  The Disciple Class meets in room 212.

The 10:30 Class - A "choir and usher friendly" class (dismisses at 10:30 am each week!), our goal is to help participants grow in their knowledge of what Scripture and the church have said about God, and thereby grow in the knowledge of him.  Our small discussion class is enjoying developing a closeness in our walk together and welcoming all newcomers to the group.  Join us on Sunday mornings in the Room 201.

 Special Classes

Inquirers Class - What Is A Presbyterian? - Led by Cliff Stewart, this class meets in the office area across from the Faith Hall.  This study session lasts approximately five weeks and is offered periodically throughout the year.  Watch the Pew Sheet for each session.  A great opportunity to visit with Cliff Stewart and learn about FCPC and the Presbyterian Church (USA).