The Columbarium at FCPC

A columbarium is a consecrated space utilized for the housing of a deceased’s cremains. The word “columbarium” comes from Latin and translates as a compartmentalized house for doves, the gentle birds mentioned in Holy Scripture and recognized as symbols of peace.

- The columbarium becomes a contemporary setting for the old-time church cemetery, reminding us that the church ministers to the spiritual needs of its members – from baptism through life to death.

- The presence of a columbarium is a further witness of our faith in the resurrection, the life everlasting and the church triumphant - an appropriate resting place for the earthly remains of those who in life loved the church.

The FCPC columbarium provides approximately 200 niches, accommodating one to two urns. Internment will ordinarily be limited to past or present members of FCPC and members of their immediate families. The price of each niche is $2,000 including both urn(s) and granite engraving. This method of burial is not for everyone, but the meditative garden and beauty of the structure is for all. The setting allows for ease of visitation and for mediation and prayer.

Information on burial in the columbarium is available upon request.  Please contact the church office at 325-677-3501 for more details.