Helping Hands - God Has No Hands But Ours

A mission ministry for and by the people of First Central Presbyterian Church.

The missions of Helping Hands are:

1. Provide "fix-up" services to the elderly, handicapped and others who are unable to complete such tasks themselves.
2. Provide a small group experience for people of the them an opportunity to build relationships with others of the church by doing things together outside of church (large activities that involve two to 30 or more people at a time).
3. Provide the people of the church, some of whom may not be involved in church activities, an opportunity to feel the thrill of doing practical, pragmatic mission work. The more we put into something, the more we will get out of it.
4. Provide those who are experts in skills an opportunity to teach those skills, those who are experienced to use those skills, and those who are unskilled to learn a skill.

If you need our services, please contact the church office by phone at 325-677-3501 or by email.

If you would like to get on our list to help out with immediate requests for assistance that come in, please contact us at the phone number or email listed above.  We welcome your participation. We are also always appreciative for those experienced in home improvement, construction, repair, plumbing, flooring, and other associated trades to share with the Helping Hands team and/or to help us out with our big projects (painting homes, building ramps, installing handicap bars, etc.).

See a photo album of pictures from the Painting Party at Ms. Kennedy's home.