FCPC Missions

We take Missions seriously.   Not only with our funds, but with our hearts, hands, feet,...our whole selves.  We realize that WE are God's love to those we serve.

We have some amazing opportunites for members of our congregation to serve our church, our community and our world.

Bringing Missions to Life --- This team is part of the Larger Church and Mission Committee and is headed by Margaret Beasley.  This team focuses upon ways to use technology in more and better ways to assist the effort to get the word out on our mission activities.  If you can write copy, edit videos, load audio/videos onto YouTube, edit or help build/maintain a blog and/or a website...we need you badly.   Please contact Margaret Beasley at 692-4149 or by E-mail here.

Our Romanian Mission...NOROC. NOROC is a program started by Dr. Fred White and his wife Carolyn of FCPC. Seeing the need in the orphanages of Romania for loving, human contact with the babies, they started a simple program where Romanian grandparents are paid a small amount to come to the orphanages and hold and play with the children. With a minimum of investment the payback from NOROC in the children's improved development has already been enormous.
BOBS...Breakfast on Beech Street.   This is a mission dedicated to feeding those who are hungry...the homeless, unemployed, underemployed, transients, and others.  We share this mission with four other churches and Thursday is OUR day.  
The Presbyterian Food Pantry. Tuesdays from 1:00 P.M. until 4:00 P.M. this group hands out food to the low income and out of work families in our area. To get on the list to work here, please call the church at 677-3501.
Presbyterian Medical Care Mission. This mission meets the primary medical and dental needs of the homeless, the unemployed, the uninsured and the underinsured whether adult or child.  If you can answer the phone, make appointments or operate a computer, these folks can use your help.
Helping Hands. This is a part of the Larger Church and Mission Committee headed by Ralph Hoover.  This Helping Hands team of volunteer men and women respond almost daily to the needs of those we serve...the Elderly, the Handicapped and the Single Moms.
. Our church has had a relationship with the Navajo Native American Presbyterian Church at Leupp, Arizona for many years. FCPC members assisted with the building of the church, and many visits have been made both ways.
LifeLine. LifeLine is a ministry dedicated to nurturing the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of older adults, encouraging them to continue to bless the Church and the community with their service, wisdom, and leadership.