The sign-up form to become a Prayer Partner and/or a Financial Supporter is embedded in the middle of this page.

Why should I become a Prayer Partner and/or a Financial Supporter for a young Presbyterian missionary?

Two mission trips involving extensive travel are occurring this summer. One is for the Senior-High members of the Youth Group to Nederland, Colorado from July 7-14, and the other is for Emerging Adults to Tulcea, Romania from July 25-August 6.


Our first need is for prayer. We need your prayers for safe travels, energy, good attitudes, open hearts ready to serve, and healthy bodies while these young Presbyterians are on their service trips.


Another need is for financial support. Not every Youth or Emerging Adult member can pay the full amount for the trip even after FCPC subsidizes the costs ($300 to go to Colorado and between $1000 and $2000 for Romania). Both the Youth and Emerging Adults have mission trip scholarship funds from which we draw so that trip costs can be reduced for each participant.


What does being a Prayer Partner entail?

When you sign up as a Prayer Partner and/or Financial Supporter, you will be assigned one of the young Presbyterian missionaries (YPM) via email. We are asking you to commit to pray for your assigned YPM everyday of his or her service trip. To help you do this, you will receive a photo of your YPM, a short bio letting you know a little more about the YPM you are supporting, and details about the service trip he or she is attending so you will know what days to pray and have some ideas of what to pray about. 


To these ends, it is our goal to have at least 19 prayer partners (with the option of financial support towards scholarship funds) so that each Youth and Emerging Adult is lifted up in prayer while they are serving in Nederland and Tulcea. 

If I am choosing to be a Financial Supporter along with being a Prayer Partner, how much should I give?

We would like each financial supporter to give at least $100. Of course, larger or smaller sums are appreciated! Here is some information to help you decide how much you would like to give if you want to give more than $100:


  • The cost burden for an Emerging Adult to go to Romania is between $1000 and $2000 depending on where this person attends church. The actual cost per person for Camp Romania is around $4000 leaving between $3000 to $2000 to be covered through fundraising and scholarships. 
  • The cost burden for a Senior-High Youth Group member to go to Nederland, Colorado is $300. The actual cost per person is around $600 leaving $300 to be covered through the Youth Missions special giving account.
How do I provide my financial gift if I choose to be a prayer partner and a financial supporter?

If you signed-up to financially support one or both of the mission trip scholarship accounts, you can do that one of two ways. The first is to write a check to FCPC or put cash in one of our giving envelopes found in the back of the pews, write the scholarship fund of your choice in the memo line or on the envelope (ex. “Youth Missions” or “Emerging Adult Missions”), and either place the funds in the offering plate, bring it by the office, or put it in the mail to FCPC, 400 Orange Street, Abilene, TX 79601.


The other option is to give online at FCPC’s new online giving portal here: Once you visit the following link, select “Youth and Emerging Adult Trip Scholarships” from the “Fund” drop-down menu. Then choose either the “Emerging Adult Missions” or “Youth Missions” sub-fund based on your preference. If you want to give some to both funds, you will need to submit two different payments to the online portal. After selecting a sub-fund, type in the amount you wish to give. At least $100 is suggested. Read the “convenience fee” section, and scroll down to choose to pay by credit card or through your bank account. When all of your payment information is typed in, click “submit.” 


I am grateful for your desire to give much needed support to a young Presbyterian missionary. Your prayers will make a huge difference!




Kristen Harris-Bridwell

Director of Youth and Emerging Adult Ministries