FCPC’s Youth Group is built around two ideas: “everyone is welcome” and “no one is perfect.” As a ministry of FCPC, we strive to provide a welcoming place for learning, fun, and service. Another phrase shared on a regular basis in FCPC’s Youth Room is, “This is the place where we practice being members of the Kin-dom of God.” When we participate in lessons, we practice. When we play games, we practice. When we eat dinner together, we practice. When we travel, we practice. When we serve, we practice. These practices allow us to take the principles of the church and apply them to our lives outside of the beautiful building on the corner of North 4th and Orange Street. In practice, we are not always perfect in our execution. However, one of the most important distinctives of God’s Kin-dom is forgiveness, and we have plenty of that to go around! Any and all are invited to join with us as we combine our talents and world views to journey together learning about what it means to be the Body of Christ.



Upcoming Trips and Sign-Up Forms

2019 Middle School Mission Trip – Abilene, TX

June 4-6 – $75

Sign-Up Here

2019 High School Mission Trip – Rocky Mountain Mission

July 7-14 – $300

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Youth Calendar & Schedule

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9:45 AM – Youth Church School
12:15 PM – Youth Music Team

5:00 PM – Sunday Activities for Mid-High Youth

6:00 PM – Dinner for All Youth

6:30 PM – Sunday Activities for Sr. High Youth


6:30 PM – Wednesday Night Activities

                 for Mid-High & Sr.  High Youth



From Our Director of Youth & Emerging Adult Ministries, Kristen Harris-Bridwell:

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting the FCPC Youth page! I am a two-time graduate of Hardin-Simmons with a B.B.S. in Communications (2009) and a Master of Divinity from HSU’s Logsdon Seminary (2013). I have served within a church in some form or fashion since the summer of 2008.


Some of my past church experience includes service as a media ministry intern, college minister, post-college minister, teaching pastor, and interim youth minister. I also have several years of professional experience in the fields of photography, videography, and social media administration.


Though I love working with every age group in the church, I really enjoy working with middle school students, high school students, college students, and other emerging adults. Where they are in life is such an exciting, fun, and formative phase! I love walking alongside young people as they ask the big questions and as they learn to go beyond just reading the stories of God’s people to embodying the spirit of those narratives and becoming strong Kingdom advocates.


I am married, and my spouse’s name is James. He is a native of Savannah, GA and he LOVES to talk about craft beer and professional baseball. We have two adorable mutts named Phoebe and Helga. I will talk about them and their cuteness at length if prompted, so watch out! I like to spend my time playing sports (not watching them on TV), reading fantasy fiction, taking dance breaks, watching great TV shows, and hanging with friends, my puppies, and James.




Have questions? Feel free to contact  Kristen Harris-Bridwell (Youth Director) or Kori Barr (Christian Education Administrative Assistant) or call us at 325-677-3501 (ask for Kristen or Kori).