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FCPC, like most churches, will not be able to come together for worship in our usual fashion, but thanks to technology, we can provide an on-line alternative. It will be different. However, just keep in mind that  the church began in homes, so it is possible. The following are some suggestions you may want to consider…


Between now and Sunday morning, consider where you and those in your household will worship.

  • In which room of your home will you plan to be or as a family gather?
  • Maybe you would like to worship outdoors on the patio.
  • How many will be with you? What seating will be available? One suggestion is to consider meeting around a dining table.
  • Some of you may find that a lighted candle is both symbolic of Christ’s presence, and also provides a focal point during the service—much like the stain glass windows may do in our sanctuary.

We encourage you to allow God’s Spirit to work through your imagination to create a worship space in your home that is welcoming and reverent.



If the video is described as private or unavailable and it is after 8 a.m. on Sunday morning, please wait a few minutes, reload the page, and try again.


If you are looking for ways to give to the ministries of FCPC during this time of social distancing, visit the following page of our website:


If you would like to download children’s resources for Sunday’s service, click the following links:


  We do not have children’s resources available this week.  Please check back next week.  


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