Before we say anything about how to give may we say something about why we give. We give because Jesus Christ has first given to us! 


One of the interesting things in the worship service in the Presbyterian Church is that the offering comes after the sermon very near to the benediction. The placement is purposeful in that we feel our giving is in response to what we have received. First, we are called to worship – then we receive God’s word – then we give as a response. 


There are no giving requirements for being a member of our church. What you give is between you and God. The only person in the church who knows what you give is our financial secretary. We don’t pressure you to give, but we do encourage you to give. 



There are several ways to give:

Traditional offering plate – The traditional offering plate is passed each Sunday morning. For accounting purposes if you want a tax deduction then you must either write a check or put it an envelope with your name on it. Of course, we receive cash gifts that someone decides to give anonymously. 


At present, we do not offer online giving because we hesitate to pay a 2% fee for what is received online. However, we are reevaluating this in light of some who no longer have checkbooks and use credit cards/debit cards for all purchases. Let us know if you would like us to adopt this practice.


Bank Bill Pay – An alternative to online giving is online bill pay through your bank. This giving option is the best of both worlds! You can give using an online service at no extra cost to yourself, and the church does not have to give a 2% portion of your contribution to a credit card company. Most, if not all, banks offer this service. Click below to see a list of local financial intuitions that offer online bill pay. Click on the name of any bank on the list, and you will be directed to that institution’s “online bill pay” description web page. This list is not exhaustive. If your bank is missing from the list, send and email to Kori,, and she will add it for you.







About giving through our church

Your regular giving supports both our budget and mission giving. On the average, our church gives over 30% to missions. The other 70% is used for ministry and maintenance. You will soon find that we are penny pinchers.  Maybe that is because of our Presbyterian Scot Heritage! We do try our very best to stretch our dollars in the very best way possible. 


If you have other questions about financial giving please do not hesitate to speak with Barbara McLean, our Church Administrator in charge of financial matters. Our pastors will also enjoy answering questions that will be strictly between you and them.