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Camp Romania 2019

FCPC is leading a mission trip for college-aged young people to Romania to work with NOROC! This year’s trip date is July 25-August 6. While in Romania, the group will lead a fun day-camp for the children living within the orphanages of Tulcea County, host an appreciation banquet for NOROC’s year-round employees and volunteers, and experience Romanian culture! If you are a high school graduate and are under the age of 25, you can apply to join us on this service trip.


Click here to fill out an application!


Trip Cost:

$1000 for First Central Presbyterian Members

$1500 for Members of Palo Duro Presbytery Churches

$2000 for Members of the Synod of the Sun Churches

$2500 for all other college-aged individuals.





NOROC ( is a Christ-based, Presbyterian non-profit ministry to Romanian and Roma infants, children, and youth living in government orphanages in Tulcea County, Romania. Local retired men and women along with local staff nurture and support these orphaned and abandoned children, serving as Big Hearted Grannies, Teachers, Professors, and Friends.  


Through these workers NOROC provides a holistic Christian ministry from infancy to young adulthood.  A PCUSA mission co-worker supports the local staff and programs while infusing a Reformed perspective into the organization. Weekly Christian worship and Christian Bible study opportunities are conducted for both younger and older youth.  


The NOROC mission statement is: To share God’s blessings by providing New Opportunities for Romanian Orphaned Children spiritually, developmentally, socially and medically.

How funds will be used by NOROC:

100% of funds received will be used for general programmatic needs and scholarship assistance for advanced education including high school, post-high school vocational training, and university education. Each day:

  • Big Hearted Grannies nurture babies abandoned in the maternity hospital, provide day care for young mothers in state Maternal Centers who want to work in order to keep their babies, and provide loving attention to preschoolers in the orphanage.
  • Big Hearted Teachers help school age children with homework and academic skills.  
  • Big Hearted Professors tutor high school students including those preparing for the end of high school baccalaureate exams.  
  • Big Hearted Friends teach classes in painting, sewing, cooking and sports. 

Small group programs for children and youth are organized on a weekly basis with extra summer and holiday activities. Other activities include hippo-therapy and excursions which offer cultural, educational, and fellowship opportunities.  


NOROC pays for school supplies, textbooks, doctor visits, medications, and eye glasses and also owns and maintains two properties which provide emergency food and shelter as safe, temporary housing for young men and women over 18 years of age as they search for employment.  Our goal is to prepare these orphaned and abandoned youth for a successful and safe life after leaving the state system and to teach them that the love of God is with them, wherever they go. 


Funds will enable NOROC to meet the needs listed above and to continue to grow as the needs change in challenging directions.



For more information on N.O.R.O.C. call the Church Office, 325-677-3501 or email





Greetings from Tulcea, Romania!

NOROC shares the love of Jesus Christ with orphaned, abandoned, abused or otherwise at-risk children in the state institutions of Tulcea County. Few who “rise out of” the orphanage system expect to become fully contributing members of their communities, or to escape cycles of poverty, abuse, corruption and trafficking. This is where NOROC’s ministry of critical presence comes in.

Thanks to NOROC, institutionalized children may relate to a safe adult (Granny program), and receive school supplies, nutritional supplements, medical attention, tutoring, psychological counseling, speech therapy, camps and other ongoing enrichment programs. NOROC advocates on behalf of all marginalized or stigmatized children and youth, including Roma (“Gypsies”).

Looking forward to continuing our relationship.