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Founded in 1983, the Presbyterian Medical Mission is a ministry of healing that serves as the primary medical and dental care provider for low-income uninsured families in an area the size of Iowa.


The Mission’s 6,000 square feet of well-equipped facilities provides a clean professional atmosphere where patients feel comfortable and their dignity is preserved.


To provide these critical services, the Mission employs two physicians and three medical assistants. This five-member team treats an average of 50 patients every weekday in a family practice setting. Several other physicians, specialists and nurses regularly donate time working at the Mission.


The Medical Care Mission…

  • Serves over 11,000 patients a year
  • Approximately 35,000 active patients
  • Has provided 200,000 office visits since 1983
  • Serves a 22 county area
  • Volunteers perform all clerical work
  • Administrative/fundraising costs of less than 6%
  • Saves Taylor County over $1 million a year
  • 63% of our adult patients are women

Volunteer and financial support is needed. For more information, call 672-5601 or visit the Medical Care Mission’s website.


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Dental Appointments